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real estate with an inherited ira

Investing in Real Estate with an Inherited IRA

Depending on the account structure and the beneficiary’s goals for the account, there are many different strategies available to invest in exciting alternative assets that lie outside of the stock market, including rental properties. Using an Inherited IRA to invest in real estate provides the opportunity to generate income from rent, appreciation, and more. Ready to … Read More

checkbook ira

Pros and Cons of a Checkbook IRA

A Checkbook IRA is an investment approach that allows the account holder to write checks using the IRA’s cash. The account holder achieves this control by establishing and managing an account-owned entity (often an LLC). This setup allows investors to manage their cash and account assets directly as the LLC/entity manager. Ready to open a … Read More

1031 exchange

Can my IRA Benefit from a 1031 Exchange?

A 1031 exchange allows taxpayers to defer taxable gains on exchanges of like-kind assets, such as property for property. Because IRA earnings already carry tax benefits, retirement account holders rarely need to employ a 1031 exchange. However, some IRAs may earn taxable income (and taxes) when holding assets purchased with debt financing. In this case, … Read More

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