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Privacy Policy

New Direction Trust Company (“we”, “us”, “NDTCO”) is committed to the protection and confidentiality of your sensitive financial information and understands your need for data privacy. All visitors to our website, whether or not they are NDTCO clients, will be subject to the protections outlined in this Privacy Policy. Current NDTCO clients, as well as any other individuals or entities with whom NDTCO has an ongoing business relationship, may review our Privacy Policy for more information about the collection and use of non-public information.

Website Visitors

Anyone who visits to our website will remain anonymous unless they willingly disclose their identity or register for an online service. NDTCO does not collect personally identifying data about anyone who visits our website. We do collect IP addresses and other such limited visitor information. We also utilize “cookies” to monitor how a visitor navigates our website. Cookies are stored on user hard drives but take up very little storage space and help us optimize our website for the benefit of the user. They sometimes provide visitor estimates for specific pages to highlight the most relevant areas of our website. These cookies will never forward personally identifiable information to our servers. We only receive such information when it is provided by the user.

Collection of Information

NDTCO may collect non-public personal information through our website for the purpose of understanding the needs of our visitors, administering our business as efficiently and effectively as possible, processing transactions, and providing products or services. Such information may include names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, social security numbers, and other financial information that visitors may provide through our online application, questionnaires, or other such elective forms.

USA Patriot Act

The United States government seeks to prevent the financial well-being of terrorists, money launders, and other such nefarious individuals or entities. Accordingly, financial institutions are required by federal law to collect, confirm, and retain personally identifying information for all prospective account holders. Our new account application will request the names, physical addresses, dates of birth, social security numbers, and other relevant information from applicants so that we may achieve a reasonable belief that our prospective account holders are who they claim to be. We may also request copies of driver’s licenses or other applicable documents.

Disclosure of Information

Certain pieces of aforementioned personal information may be shared with third-party companies that assist us with the dissemination of materials and the generation of marketing materials.

We may further disclose information about account holders, their accounts, and their account transactions when deemed helpful or necessary in the fulfillment or confirmation of applicable transactions or services; when needed to verify the existence, status, and history of accounts for credit reporting companies; when complying with subpoenas, court orders, and other such legal obligations; when cooperating with law enforcement in the investigation of a possible crime; when acting in accordance with account holder desires upon receipt of their consent; or when otherwise permitted by law.

NDTCO will not share non-public personal information about current, former, or prospective clients unless presented with the circumstances set forth in this Policy.

Accuracy of Information

NDTCO places significant value in the accurate retention of the non-public personal information we collect and implements a series of best practices and procedures to this effect. If you discover incorrect, incomplete, or outdated information associated with your account, please contact our office at 877.742.1270.

Internal Controls for Information Security

NDTCO employees will have limited access to the non-public personal information we retain. Staff members may only access information that directly relates to their job functions and to the specific services they provide for client accounts. Furthermore, we maintain and update physical security parameters to prevent internal theft and external factors that may compromise the integrity of our facility; electronic safeguards like firewalls to mitigate the threat of cyber attacks; and comprehensive employee training on the practices and procedures that follow federal standards of identity and information protection.

Redirects to Third-Party Websites

Within content published on our website, NDTCO may embed links or display windows-within-windows to websites for companies that differ from our own. These companies may offer information, products, or services that may relate to our services but are not offered directly by NDTCO. By following links that redirect them from our website, users will be subject to the policies and procedures of the website on which they land and not to the protections afforded by this Policy. NDTCO cannot account for the information collection, disclosure, and protection practices of third-party entities and encourages users to review the privacy policies of any website that requests or requires personally identifiable information for the use of their online services.

Third-Party Advertisements

Third-party companies may offer or advertise their services on our website. Any non-public personal information provided by users to these companies will fall under the protection of their unique privacy policies and not those of NDTCO. By accepting third-party products or services that have been advertised on our website, said third party may be able to determine that the applicable user is also an NDTCO client or is otherwise involved with NDTCO.


NDTCO will protect the privacy of teenagers and children through every available measure. We will never knowingly collect the personally identifiable information of a minor through our website.

Amendments to this Policy

We may occasionally add, delete, or modify terms stipulated in this Policy by publishing a full copy of the amended Policy or a notice of the applicable changes on our website. NDTCO will provide an additional notice via physical mail if required by law. Upon publication of any amendments or notices to their effect, users will agree to all Policy revisions by virtue of their continued use of our website and/or online services.

Contact Us

Questions or concerns related to this Policy may be directed to our main office:

Phone: 877.742.1270
Mail: New Direction Trust Company
1070 W Century Drive
Louisville, CO 80027