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  • Thu02 Dec
    Required Minimum Distributions: Here’s What You Need to Know
    ONLINEThere are potentially two times in a person’s life when they will need to take Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) from a retirement account – when a retirement account holder reaches age 72 and RMDs begin, and when someone inherits a retirement account. Join Chris Tanner of NDTCO as he explains how RMDs work. Chris will cover both situations and give you a better understanding of the process and answer any questions you may have. He will also differentiate a normal distribution from a “required” distribution.REGISTER
  • Thu09 Dec
    End-of-the-Year Reminders and Tax-Planning Strategies
    ONLINE2021 will soon be coming to an end, so it is time to start thinking about tax planning and end-of-the-year best practices for self-directed IRAs. Join us for an overview on Required Minimum Distributions as they were updated by the CARES Act and the Secure Act. We will also discuss key tax-planning strategies related to retirement plan contributions and Roth conversions, as well as the importance of completing your Fair Market Valuations and reviewing your designation of beneficiary form.REGISTER
  • Tue18 Jan
    Foundations of Self-Directed IRAs – A Basic Overview
    ONLINEThis webinar will cover IRA basics and the many advantages of a self-directed IRA. Discover how to create a self-directed IRA, fund it, and manage it. Learn how your retirement plan can benefit from alternative assets like real estate, precious metals, and private equity. Discover why investing in non-correlated assets can help protect your hard earned retirement savings. Take the first step to controlling your retirement!REGISTER


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