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  • Thu22 Apr
    The Solo 401(k): A Unique and Versatile Self-Directed Account
    ONLINEJoin Chris Tanner of NDTCO as he provides an in-depth examination of solo 401(k)s. He will discuss the eligibility criteria for establishing a solo 401(k), contribution rules and limits, the personal loan feature, the mega backdoor Roth, and the UBIT-related tax advantages these plans offer. Chris has a background working with Solo 401(k) plans, so we encourage you to bring your questions!REGISTER
  • Thu06 May
    Real Estate Investing for the Busy Professional
    ONLINEInvesting in real estate is a great way to diversify your retirement portfolio, but how do you get started? Now you can learn directly from organizations that have worked with thousands of clients to make investing in real estate easy and straightforward, so you feel empowered and excited about your investment opportunities.

    Join Mike Hills of Atlas Real Estate and Chris Tanner of NDTCO as they discuss the concept of turnkey real estate investing and the ins and outs of investing with retirement funds. Mike and Chris will be joined by Hayley Monteferrante of 1st Bank, who will describe how to utilize a non-recourse loan to leverage your real estate purchase.
  • Wed26 May
    Thinking Beyond the 529: Creative Ways to Save for Your Children’s College Education
    ONLINESaving for your children’s education can be a wonderful way to set them up for success. College is a major investment, as the average four-year public school costs roughly $84,000, while the average four-year private college costs $188,000. While there are many ways to save for college, including Education Savings Accounts (ESAs), 529 Plans, and UGMA or UTMA accounts, the various savings plans all have different rules and benefits.

    Join Seth Rosenberg CLU®, CFP®, LUTCF®, GFS® with Ability First Financial to learn about lesser-known yet highly effective ways to save for your children’s education, and more importantly WHY you should consider them. If you have children or grandchildren who plan to attend college, this webinar is for you.


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