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Private Lending

Satisfy demand for capital for those looking beyond banks by originating loans with your self-directed account.

Your account can lend money to individuals and businesses or purchase portions of existing loans through third-party platforms.

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What should you know about Private Lending?

You Choose the Terms

Although your account is technically the “lender,” as the account holder, you have the power to qualify buyers and make final decisions on loan terms and interest rates.

Secured or Unsecured

As the account holder, you can negotiate with the borrower to determine whether the loan will have security or not. Typically, security instruments will include a deed of trust, a vehicle title, etc.

Jerry structured a loan with his IRA

Case Study

Jerry structured a loan with a local investor using his IRA funds

Jerry used his self-directed IRA account to loan money to a local brewery investor, including negotiating the interest rate, duration of the loan, and security interest.

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How to lend funds with your self-directed account

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Other Investments

The world is your portfolio

Why stop at private lending? With a self-directed account, you have the freedom to invest your tax-advantaged retirement funds in the assets you’re most passionate or knowledgeable about. 

From start-ups to small businesses, if you can find it, we will help you fund it.


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Structured Notes and Private Lending with Your IRA

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