No asset too out there. No niche too niche.

While other companies may push you into their comfort zones, we empower you to stay in yours. Your investment ideas. Your creativity. Your instincts. 

We have the experience, flexibility, and client support to make any alternative investment happen and the digital tools to make managing your self-directed portfolio easy. 

So go ahead—Grab a controlling interest in your future, and march it down the unbeaten path. If you can find it, we can fund it. The answer is YES.


Self Direction with Less Limitation

Digital Innovation

We are relentless in our mission to modernize and digitize by building tools and platforms that make self direction easier, more streamlined, and more intuitive. 

Tireless Education

Providing you with the knowledge and insight to succeed has always been our top priority. We continually host webinars, create resources, and develop educational tools that help empower and guide self-directed investors.

Established Experience

We have spent over 20 years building relationships and understanding the intricacies of self-directed investing, giving us the flexibility and confidence to make any investment a reality. 

Unique Ownership

In an industry dominated by lawyers, we are led by a CPA and an engineer, self-direction pioneers who work tirelessly to advance client opportunity through their unique knowledge of the market and tax law.

Bill Humphrey

CEO & Co-Founder

Catherine Wynne

President & Co-Founder

Kevin Dodson

Chief of Staff

Aaron Benway

Chief Revenue Officer

Jessica Brooks

VP, NDTCO Institutional

Nikki Sisneros

VP, Trust Accounting


A trust company that has earned its name

New Direction Trust Company was born from a question shared by two talented investors: If the money in my pocket can grow through investments in alternative assets, why can’t the money in my retirement account?

Back in 2001, Catherine Wynne supplemented her work as an engineer with successful property investments. Meanwhile, Bill Humphrey, a Certified Public Accountant, sought to leverage his tax knowledge to maximize the earning potential of his real estate endeavors.

Catherine and Bill wanted real estate to work for their retirement plans, but they both encountered roadblocks. Most IRA and 401(k) providers didn’t allow real estate holdings, and those who did charged exorbitant fees.

When Catherine and Bill met and discovered their common dilemma, they knew they could establish a cost-effective and customer service-based solution for self-directed investors who sought to reduce their exposure to Wall Street and pursue true retirement diversification.

New Direction IRA was born from their shared vision. Then, after 15 years of providing client-focused self-directed retirement services, New Direction Trust Company ushered in a new era of efficiency and technology without sacrificing the bedrock principles that brought them this far.