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Invest in what inspires you with a self-directed IRA

Can you do more for your financial future than cross your fingers and hope the market goes up? Can you venture beyond traditional retirement planning and invest directly in assets of your choosing? 

When you have a self-directed IRA partner as experienced, connected, and flexible as New Direction Trust Company, the answer is yes.


Circle graphic detailing the process of using NDTCO as a custodial service for your self-directed account and alternative investments

What we do

With a self-directed account, the world is your portfolio

No financial advisor knows you better than yourself. With a self-directed retirement account, you have the freedom to call your own shots, diversify your portfolio beyond stocks and bonds, and make your tax-advantaged retirement and savings funds work both harder AND smarter. 

How we do it

Opportunity is always just a click away

We are on a mission to modernize and digitize the self-directed investment experience, optimizing our technology and platforms to make everything from funding your account to investing in alternative assets, well, ultra-easy.

NDTCO Client Portal - Mobile version
NDTCO Client Portal - Mobile version

Why We do it

Can you scramble a better nest egg? The answer is yes.

We started NDTCO with the desire to maximize the earning potential of independent investors everywhere. Today, we are proud to have played a small role in thousands of success stories, rewarding the ambition of our clients with investments in everything from real estate and private equity to aerospace and agriculture.

Graph detailing Kathy's valuation growth after investing in pre-ipo
Kathy took ownership in a company pre-IPO with her IRA.
Luis used his IRA to invest in Real Estate
Luis bought a condo complex with his IRA.
Jerry structured a loan with his IRA
Jerry structured a loan with his IRA.


Education Center

The more you know, the more your investments can grow

Essential Viewing

Foundations of a Self-Directed IRA
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Foundations of a Self-Directed IRA

Upcoming IRA Events

  • Wed10 Jul
    NDTCO x SogoTrade: How to Buy, Sell, and Trade Public Securities
    ONLINEOur collaboration with SogoTrade makes buying, selling, and trading public securities easier than ever. Serving investors since 1986, SogoTrade offers a wide range of investment products, powerful online trading platforms, and market research tools to help Clients achieve their investing and trading goals. This on-demand webinar explores our collaboration, SogoTrade’s online platforms, and the ways investors could take advantage of their self-directed investments!REGISTER

Graph detailing Kathy's valuation growth after investing in pre-ipo


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