Kathy purchased rental property with her NDTCO account

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Kathy purchased rental property with her NDTCO account.

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Interested in expanding her Real Estate portfolio with her IRA, Kathy opened her NDTCO account in January of 2011. With $225K in her account, she purchased two small pieces of Real Estate by June of that same year, one for $66.5K and the other for $85.5K.

Just over a year later, Kathy sold the properties for $116K and $123K respectively! Realizing the power of Real Estate in an IRA, Kathy purchased a handful of properties over the next couple of years, spent several thousands of dollars renovating the properties, and began using them for rental income. By June 2013, Kathy was receiving over $4,000 of rental income every month in her IRA.

Wanting to expand her portfolio, Kathy dipped her toes into Private Equity investing, with her first $100K purchase in July 2013. Over the years, she transitioned to Private Equity investing in addition to her Real Estate investments.

Now, Kathy has an account worth $1.5M and takes regular distributions, some as large as $23K

Purchase vs. sale for two of Kathy's properties


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Patrick grew his NDTCO IRA over $1.5 million

Graph detailing Patrick's account growth

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