Welcome Clients from The Royal Mint!

New Direction Trust Company is excited to be the first self-directed company to officially collaborate with The Royal Mint! 

Whether you are interested in investing in gold, silver, or physically-backed digital precious metals, it is now easier than ever to diversify your portfolio with a tax-advantaged self-directed account with NDTCO. 

When you are ready to get started with your self-directed account, use the promo code ROYALMINT to waive all account opening fees, just for being a client of The Royal Mint!


Watch Our Webinar on Using a Self-Directed
Account to Invest with The Royal Mint

 Learn about the benefits of using a self-directed account to invest in precious metals from one of the world’s oldest mints. The Royal Mint has worked with precious metals for over a millennium and is trusted by monarchs, governments, and banks the world over. 

Whether you are interested in diversifying your portfolio or opening a self-directed account for the first time, you are bound to learn something new in this joint webinar with Andrew Dickey of The Royal Mint and NDTCO’s Chris Tanner.


Why Choose New Direction Trust Company?​

Established in 2003, New Direction Trust Company has enabled investors to diversify their retirement assets outside of the stock market and into alternative assets that they knew and understood. 

Today, NDTCO is known for its personalized client service and an innovative digital platform that allows investors to easily manage their self-directed accounts, enabling clients to reach their personal financial goals their way. As of the end of 2021, NDTCO managed more than 51,000 accounts representing over $3 Billion in assets.  


The World Is Your Portfolio


With a self-directed savings account, you have the freedom to call your own shots, diversify your portfolio beyond stocks and bonds, and make your funds work both harder AND smarter. 


Protect your retirement accounts from stock market volatility by adding alternative assets to your conventional portfolio of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.


Alternative investments, when chosen and timed wisely, have the potential to yield larger returns faster than typical market-based assets.


Put your money where your interests are, investing in the industries, businesses, or assets that you are most passionate about.