Fair Market Valuation Upload for Multiple Investors

NDTCO is excited to share our new website feature designed specifically for providers of Private Stock, LLCs, Partnerships, and Common Stocks. This innovation marks a significant leap forward in our commitment to streamlining the investment process and enhancing the user experience for our mutual clients.

Gone are the days of guessing where to send FMVs (Fair Market Valuations) using insecure channels like email. Our platform now allows for the seamless submission of FMVs directly through our website. This digital advancement ensures accuracy, efficiency, and security, making the process more convenient for everyone involved.

Understanding the dynamic nature of investments, we offer the flexibility to submit FMVs at any time throughout the year. Once submitted, these valuations will be honored for one full year, providing consistency and predictability for your planning.

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At NDTCO, we understand the pivotal role valuation documentation plays in the financial planning journey. That’s why we accept valuation updates throughout the year, ensuring you have the flexibility to adjust as your investment values change.

For the most impactful planning, we emphasize the significance of the year-end valuation. To have this value reflected in annual statements, please submit the documentation by January 15th each year. This proactive step is crucial for our mutual clients’ strategic planning, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

  1. Company Letterhead
  2. Asset/Offering Name and Total Value of the Asset
    1. Investment Details
    2. Client Name or Account Number
    3. Price Per Share/Unit
    4. Number of Units
    5. Percentage Owned by the IRA
    6. Total Value in the IRA
    7. Valuation Date
  3. Signed by manager or officer of the company.

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