2021 Year-End Announcements


2021 Year-End Tax Forms

Now that 2021 has wound down, we want to express our appreciation to our amazing clients for another fantastic year.  

We have included some important information below that might be useful for you as you begin to navigate tax season: 

  • When you can expect to receive 2021 account statements and forms
  • How you can generate your own account statements in the Client Portal
  • When you can expect to receive your self-directed tax forms

Forms and Statements


  • NDTCO will mail out 1099s on January 31, 2022. 
  • NDTCO will mail out Form 5498s on May 31, 2022. 
  • IMPORTANT: NDTCO will not email you with links to your 1099 or 5498. If you receive a receive an email about either form, please delete it. We will physically mail them to you.
  • If your account owns a debt-leveraged asset, you may be required to file a Form 990-T. We will contact you if this is the case, and you can find out more information here

Account Statements

  • Account statements can be used in place of a 5498 for your tax-filing purposes.
  • NDTCO will upload official 2021 statements to the Client Portal by the first week of February 2022. You receive an email notification when they are available. 
  • If you need a statement before then, you can generate your own via the Client Portal. 

Generating a Statement in Your Client Portal

Once you are logged into your client portal, click the button on the Overview and Transactions page that states ‘Generate Statement’.

Generate a Statement
Statement Timeframe

Input the timeframe you would like the statement to be for and click ‘Get Statement’. 

Please note, this functionality is only available on desktops, laptops and tablets; it is not available currently on mobile devices.

Your freshly generated statement will open in a new tab for your to review and/or download!