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Why Offer Precious Metal IRAs to your Clients?

You and the IRA holder negotiate the deal

  • The IRS prescribes the type of coins (and bars) that are allowed in your IRA
  • Neither the IRS nor New Direction participates in the terms of the transaction
  • You and your client decide pricing terms

Many IRAs are on the sidelines right now - your clients may be ready to invest in gold and silver

  • Economic conditions over the last few years have caused many retirement investors to pull their IRAs out of stocks and bonds
  • In many cases, those funds are still not invested
  • Precious metals offer an attractive asset for investors, and you can be the dealer from whom they purchase those metals

An IRA does not have to be distributed to buy gold and silver

  • The IRA itself can buy the metals, thus avoiding taxes and possibly a penalty in order to purchase physical precious metals
  • If your client distributes his or her IRA before they make a purchase, the investment amount will likely be significantly less because taxes and penalties have been assessed

Help your clients see the whole picture

  • To make a precious metals purchase, an IRA holder needs an IRA provider that has the capacity to handle this transaction (like New Direction Trust Company); a precious metals dealer (you); and a depository
  • New Direction works with a wide variety of depositories, so your clients have more freedom of choice than most IRA providers allow.

Why Use Us?

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  • Nationally known experts in the field
  • Specialized cutting-edge technology allowing for system integration which enhances the Dealer/Client experience
  • In business since 2003
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Choice of Depository

  • New Direction has several active depository agreements in place
  • The freedom of choice can help the client feel comfortable with the depository selection
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Online Account Access

  • We are an industry leader in online self-directed IRA account access
  • Features like free online bill pay and eCheck deposits
  • 24/7 account information
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Great Education Opportunities

  • Live presentations, recorded webinars, workshops, and articles are all free
  • Our website is constantly updated with new and current information
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Competitive Fees

  • We charge fees only when our accounting services are actuated by account movement
  • Fee structures are easy to understand
  • No hidden fees
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A + Better Business Bureau Rating

  • We are dedicated to quality customer service
  • Our A+ BBB Rating reflects the care and efficiency with which we treat our clients
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Precious Metals Asset Team

  • New Direction has a dedicated team of client representatives and precious metals experts to streamline precious metals transactions
  • Knowledgeable staff available to assist you with any questions
  • We guide you through the process from start to finish
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Prompt Transactions

  • Metals buyers and sellers can rely on prompt transactions with New Direction Trust Company
  • Money is sent to fund purchases within 24 hours.

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Gold IRA or Silver IRA - Important Things to Know

  • The IRA is the owner of the precious metals, not the IRA holder. Therefore the purchase, shipping, and depository costs are paid by the IRA. All gains remain in the possession of the IRA until the client reaches legal age of distribution.
  • All legal documents related to an IRA-owned asset must be in the name of the IRA, not your personal name.
  • The IRS does not allow the IRA holder to possess the physical metals while those assets are in the IRA.
  • The metals must meet certain fineness standards, as specified by the IRS, to be held in a retirement account.

Popular Bullion Products Allowed in an IRA

Gold - 99.5%

  • American Eagle coins
  • American Buffalo coins
  • Austrian Philharmonic coins
  • Britannia Bullion coins (2014 or newer)
  • Canadian Maple Leaf coins
  • Gold Kilo bars

Silver - 99.9%

  • American Eagle coins
  • Australian Kookaburra coins
  • Austrian Philharmonic coins
  • Britannia Bullion coins (2014 or newer)
  • Canadian Maple Leaf coins
  • 1,000 oz. Silver bars

Platinum - 99.95%

  • American Eagle coins
  • Australian Koala coins
  • Canadian Maple Leaf coins
  • Isle of Man Noble coins

Palladium - 99.95%

  • Bars and rounds meeting minimum fineness requirements

NOTE: Gold American Eagles are permissible even though they do not meet the fineness requirement.