We've Updated Our Electronic Signature Policy

We have updated our signature policy in an effort to better protect the interests of our clients. Effective Monday, July 1, New Direction Trust Company will only issue documents via DocuSign for electronic signatures. We will no longer issue documents via AdobeSign.

NDTCO paperwork with verifiable electronic signatures will still be accepted from other providers until August 1. After that date, we will only accept electronically signed NDTCO paperwork via DocuSign. Electronically signed third-party documentation (supporting documentation for fair market valuations, etc.) will still be accepted from providers other than DocuSign.

Furthermore, we will now accept our Transfer/Rollover Form with handwritten signatures only. Hand-signed documentation may be scanned and uploaded through your myDirection® portal, faxed to 303-665-5962, or e-mailed to emaildocs@ndtco.com.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at 877-742-1270 or info@ndtco.com with any questions or concerns.