Transfer/Rollover Form Guide from the Experts, Our Transfer Team

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Looking to consolidate cash or assets from your other retirement plans into your self-directed IRA? Submit our Transfer/Rollover Form to initiate the process. For rollovers, submit the Transfer/Rollover Form to our office and contact your plan administrator to request a rollover distribution. For transfers, you only need to submit the form to our office, as we forward the request to the releasing custodian.

Use the following guide to help you complete the form to the releasing custodian's satisfaction. Once you're ready to submit the Transfer/Rollover Form, you can scan and e-mail the form to or fax it to 303-665-5962. If the custodian requires your wet-ink signature on original paperwork, you'll need to mail the form to our office:

New Direction Trust Company
1070 W. Century Drive
Louisville, CO 80027

Transfer/Rollover Form Guide

Section 1. NDTCO Account Information

  1. Please put your full name as it appears on your resigning custodian's account statement, otherwise the request may be delayed by a week or two.
  2. If your name at NDTCO is different than at the releasing custodian (due to marriage, etc.), you must provide an official document showing both names. A marriage certificate, divorce decree, or one-in–the-same letter would suffice depending on your situation.
  3. Be sure to enter your NDTCO account type (e.g. IRA, SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA, Roth IRA, Inherited IRA, 401K, or HSA). Please do not reference your desired investment (e.g. real estate, precious metals, etc.).
  4. You must write your full social security number. This is the primary verification method for custodians.

Section 2. Current Custodian Information

  1. An account statement from the releasing custodian is required. For cash only movements, we will accept the account number, account type, and registration verification. For in-kind transfers, you must provide pages that show the shares/value of the asset(s).
  2. "Name of Custodian/Trustee" is the releasing custodian (Charles Schwab, Edward Jones, etc.).
  3. Be sure to enter your account type at the releasing custodian (e.g. IRA, SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA, Roth IRA, Inherited IRA, 401K, or HSA). Please do not reference your desired investment (e.g. real estate, precious metals, etc.).
  4. "Account Number" - There can be only one account number per transfer request. Submit separate Transfer/Rollover Forms to move assets from multiple accounts (one form for each account), even if they're coming from the same resigning custodian.
  5. The address and/or fax number of your resigning custodian is always helpful. We have contact information and processing requirements for most custodians; however, we are happy to send paperwork to your advisor if preferred (please confirm with your advisor that they can process the request).

Section 3. Transfer/Rollover Options

  1. Although they're sometimes spoken of interchangably, transfers and rollovers are distinct transactions. Please do not mark both boxes in this section.
  2. A transfer is a movement of assets between like account types (e.g. Traditional IRA to Traditional IRA, SEP IRA to Traditional IRA, etc.). These are not reported to the IRS and have no limitations in number. Transfers are initiated by the receiving custodian (NDTCO).
  3. A rollover is a movement of assets and are not limited to like account types in the same way and are the only way to move funds between Employer Plans (such as 401k, 403b, 457a, PSP, etc.) and IRA accounts. They are always reported to the IRS and are initiated with the sending custodian. Rollovers between otherwise transferrable accounts are limited to 1 per 12 months; rollovers of employer plans to IRAs are not limited in number.
  4. NDTCO does not allow “mid-air” conversions from a pre-tax account to post-tax account (e.g. a transfer from a Traditional IRA into a Roth IRA). If your resigning custodian holds a Traditional IRA but you want a Roth IRA with us, you can transfer into a Traditional IRA at NDTCO and then complete a Roth conversion.

Section 4. Assets to be Moved to NDTCO

  1. An individual transfer can either be full (the entire balance) or partial (a portion of the balance). Between "Full Account Transfer" and "Partial Account Transfer", please choose one box only.
  2. When requesting the transfer of a cash balance, ensure the balance is liquid and available in your account at the resigning custodian. Requests for cash not immediately available are often rejected.
  3. Only fill in the box(es) that apply to your transaction. Resigning custodians can reject transfers if the requested assets aren’t clearly identified, delaying the transfer. Please only use the boxes that apply to your intention.

Section 5. Preferred Delivery Methods

  1. As discussed above, some resigning custodians accept e-mailed or faxed copies of transfer requests, while others require wet-ink signatures on original paperwork. NDTCO maintains a comprehensive database of other companies' preferences, but be sure to provide special delivery instructions if requested by your resigning custodian. If this section is left blank, we will default to faxing the form as long as our records show the resigning custodian will accept it.
  2. If you choose "FedEx ($30 Fee)", you must provide a physical address (not a P.O. Box) and have a credit card on file to process the fee.
  3. We accept funds via check or wire. We will default to requesting a check if neither is specified. Some custodians will not send wires (please check with your custodian first).

Section 7. Signature and Acknowledgement

  1. Please print your name, sign, and date the form. Although e-mailed or faxed copies are accepted, your hand-signatures are required. We cannot accept electronically drawn or stamped signatures, nor can we accept a Transfer/Rollover Form completed through an electronic signature provider.
  2. Most custodians do not require a Medallion Signature Guarantee ("MSG") on your signature. If yours does, locate a banking institution who can provide this service. MSGs are similar to notarizations.

Section 8. Acceptance of Receiving Custodian (Office Use Only)

  1. Please do not complete this section. This is where NDTCO agrees to accept your transferred assets as receiving custodian.

Questions about transferring an account to NDTCO? Don't hesitate to give us a call at 877-742-1270 or send us an e-mail at