Self-Directed IRA - Don't Be Afraid to Get Started

Self-directed IRA investing provides the unique opportunity to build a tax-advantaged future without relying on commission-hungry brokers or trying your luck at picking stocks. Instead, self-direction enables you to put your existing expertise in real estate, private lending, or other alternative IRA investments to work without sacrificing the tax-deferred or tax-free benefits of your IRA, 401(k), or health savings account (HSA).

But what if your level of experience isn’t what you would call “expertise”? What if you’re new to the world of alternative assets and you’re not sure how to get started? Many success stories begin at square one, so don’t be discouraged if you feel ill-equipped to tackle an alternative investment strategy right now. In fact, recognizing your need for a stronger knowledge base before investing your hard-earned money can be one of the smartest and most important initial moves you can make.

As an education-based company, New Direction Trust Company takes great pride in exposing potential and existing self-directed investors to their full spectrum of options. We want to become a participating member of your financial team. While industry experts and asset providers can help you navigate the particular alternative investment arena of your choosing, New Direction Trust Company can teach you about the nuances of investing with a self-directed IRA and the unique tax benefits of the retirement account types we offer.

You can’t jump in with both feet without dipping your toes in first. Starting with basic research can either help alleviate your concerns and encourage you to move forward, or it could confirm that a certain investment won’t suit your needs. While New Direction Trust Company does not recommend or endorse any specific course of action, we encourage our current and prospective clients to conduct as much due diligence as possible when considering a blueprint for their financial well-beings.

Can an alternative investment approach yield Wall Street-beating returns? It can.

Do you have the tools to enter these industries right now? Maybe not.

Should that stop you from trying to take back control of your retirement? That’s for you to decide.

Always remember that a self-directed journey needn’t be taken alone. All parties have the opportunity to benefit when investors make educated decisions, so don't be afraid to let those parties contribute their expertise as you work toward building your own.

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