November 2018 Note from the Principals

It’s trick-or-treat season, when costumed youngsters fatten their pillowcases and plastic pumpkin pails with as many sugary favors as they can get their hands on. Stock investors have fattened their portfolios with treats since the end of the financial crisis in the late 2000s, but 2018 had a few tricks up its sleeve.

The S&P 500 has entered correction territory twice this year—once in February and again in October (per–which can be particularly notable in the context of retirement investing. Occasions like these can provide valuable reminders about the importance of true portfolio diversification with alternative IRA investments.

As a retirement model that allows you to buy, sell, and manage your holdings as you see fit, self-directed investing provides a unique opportunity to address your exposure to volatility and, when the timing dictates, capitalize on alternative assets that may run counter to the stock market. Some assets like real estate or precious metals have the ability to rise as stocks fall, or, at the very least, may provide a hedge against falling stocks and limit the damage during corrections.

Due diligence can play an important role in a successful investment strategy, so please don’t hesitate to use your financial team to keep you informed on the markets that affect your retirement. Alternative asset investing is only as safe and effective as you make it. Your NDTCO account can flourish under any market conditions; you and your financial team can make that happen. Conduct your research, make a plan that suits your needs, and grab your proverbial pillowcase to go claim the treats you believe in.

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Catherine Wynne & Bill Humphrey