New Direction Trust Company supports the Birds of Prey Foundation

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The Birds of Prey Foundation, a non-profit organization in Boulder, CO, has been rehabilitating raptors for over 35 years. This wonderful organization provides refuge to eagles, hawks, falcons, and other predatory birds that have been injured or orphaned until they’re fit to return to the wild. Over 15,000 birds have been accepted and treated since 1981. Through regular donations and employees who volunteer their time, New Direction Trust Company has been a long-time contributor to the Birds of Prey Foundation.

In addition to providing medical care, dedicated volunteers work to foster essential predatory skills. Hunting and survival instincts are naturally developed in adult raptors, but young and orphaned fledglings may require special attention in cultivating those talents. Foundation facilities include large flight cages designed to mimic real-world conditions and promote development. The cages are enclosed but provide outdoor exposure, grass surfaces to sharpen prey identification skills, and other structures to simulate shelter and nesting grounds.

Members of the public who find the wounded animals by chance are key resources in beginning the process. Once contacted, foundation volunteers are often able to coach bystanders in safe transportation methods. Animals who feel harmed or threatened may be inclined to forcefully defend themselves and pose a significant danger to uneducated handlers, so guidance provided by experienced professionals plays a critical role in protecting helpful citizens.

Recent donations have been extensively allocated toward flight cage development, though medical supplies, food, and facility upkeep are consistent needs as well. The foundation satisfies these needs through donations, sponsors, the annual Fall Migration Dinner, and sale proceeds from their thrift store (also located in Boulder). Visit the Birds of Prey website to learn more about the foundation and to see how you can help.