How Do I Find Self-Directed IRA Investments?

Self-directed IRAs, or SDIRAs, are becoming increasingly popular because they allow account holders to choose from a world of investments. At New Direction Trust Company we’ve seen IRAs invest in everything from trailer parks to oil fields.

The sheer number of investments could seem daunting, but many investors view this as an opportunity to invest in what they know and trust. Here, we’ll go through the main alternative asset types and share how you might begin looking for investments.

Note that all due diligence is your responsibility and not the responsibility of the IRA provider, like New Direction Trust Company. (At NDTCO, we do not offer financial advice; we only service the investment that you choose.)

Real Estate

Real Estate investments come in all shapes and sizes. You can invest your IRA in commercial or residential real estate, fix and flips, rental properties, raw land and everything in between.

You may find it beneficial to search for investment property by contacting a realtor, driving around the area you in which you want to invest or attending real estate investment groups. What’s important to remember is that you can invest in nearly any real estate as long as it follows disqualified persons rules.

Disqualified persons to an IRA include the IRA holder, his spouse, his parents and grandparents, his children and grandchildren, their spouses, certain fiduciaries and any entity owned or operated by a disqualified person. So, for instance, you couldn’t buy a rental property or vacation property and let your kids live in it.

You can, however, partner with both disqualified and non-disqualified persons. You’ll have to be diligent about paperwork and incoming/outgoing funds but the flexibility afforded by the IRS to maximize your funds opens your investment options even further. You can even take out a non-recourse loan to mortgage investment property.

Precious Metals

Your IRA can invest in gold, silver, platinum and palladium products. There are certain fineness requirements for each and you cannot invest in many collectible coins, but there are simply many options for a precious metals investment.

In an SDIRA, you find the dealer from which you want to buy metals and determine the terms of the deal with him. You send the terms over to your IRA provider and they will send money where needed. At New Direction Trust Company, you can then choose your depository (where your metals will be stored) and the dealer will ship the metals directly to the depository.

Performing due diligence is necessary for all investments, especially precious metals. Make sure you are comfortable with the dealer and depository and the terms of the sale.

Private Equity

Finding a private equity investment often requires more leg work than real estate or precious metals investments. Where you can often find listings of property or scores of dealers offering metals, private equity offerings require greater diligence. There are several website cropping off that seek to match investors to companies and individuals seeking investments. You can also invest your IRA in entities that may be launching a new product or certain groups that are preparing to make large investments. The best way to find private equity investments is to get involved. Visit investment groups, research companies, search for startups and find an investment opportunity that fits your IRA investment goals.

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