Freedom and Control in a Gold IRA

One of the championing benefits of a self-directed IRA is the freedom and power granted to clients to take the reigns of their retirement savings. A self-directed IRA allows clients to make investment choices that best serve their individual retirement goals and market expertise. A principal facet of this freedom is the ability to invest in alternative assets outside of the publicly traded securities market; including investing in a gold IRA or silver IRA.

When you invest in precious metals with a retirement account at New Direction, we take the freedom of a self-directed IRA a step further by allowing our clients to choose their own preferred qualified precious metals dealers. Many self-directed IRA administrators allow their clients to work with less than a handful of metals dealers and depositories. At New Direction, we’ve worked with more than 65 different dealers this year alone, all at the client’s direction. Additionally, clients who have preexisting relationships with dealers or depositories can request that New Direction work with those specific businesses to carry out transactions with their gold IRA.

New Direction Trust Company clients can select between several depositories to store their precious metals investments; a number that keeps growing every year. The ability to shop a large selection of metals dealers and depositories allows our clients to choose a business that best suits their price range and service preferences for their gold IRA.

When metals dealers work with New Direction Trust Company, they can access a specially designed portal that shows a list of their clients, a client’s progress within the transaction process, and a client’s transaction history. We can also tailor this portal to meet any dealer’s specific needs. This degree of specification benefits both dealers and New Direction clients alike, as it ensures thorough communication between the client, the IRA administrator, and the metals dealer.

An outstanding feature that sets New Direction apart is our in-house Precious Metals Asset Team (PMAT). This team is made up of gold IRA specialists who can guide our clients through the entire investment process and expertly answer questions regarding establishing, funding, and investing in precious metals IRAs. Available Monday through Friday, 8 am – 5 pm MST, this team ensures that clients, metals dealers, and depositories have a dedicated representative to contact about any questions or transaction requests. The PMAT team will also assist with gold IRA or silver IRA transfers between IRA accounts.

Self-directed IRA account holders want flexibility and diversity in their retirement portfolios. New Direction Trust Company offers both. Give us a call at 877-742-1270 (dial Ext. 185 to reach PMAT) or send us an e-mail at, and take advantage of the freedom and control granted through a precious metals IRA with us.