Employee Spotlight: Brandy


Precious Metals Asset Team


Our 1st responsibility as a department is to provide delightful, effective, and efficient service to our clients. Specifically, I fund new & additional investments, process custodian transfers, and execute in-kind distribution requests.

What makes me a great member of the team

I have several years of experience in customer service, quality assurance, leadership, and training. My background and experience developed a strong work ethic, attention to detail, integrity, and a drive for professional development. I have achieved my AIC insurance designation, P&C producer license, network engineering certification and an associate business degree from a community college here in Colorado. The team I work with is great and they challenge my personal best every day.

My passion at NDTCO

My passion is to provide amazing customer service and treat people the way I would like to be treated. I strive to improve daily and I am passionate about learning something new each and every day.

My passion outside NDTCO

I love to read and spend time with my three children. My family and I are passionate about helping those in need and spend time volunteering in our community. I also enjoy singing and teaching children in any format possible.

What I love about living in Colorado

I love our mountains and the majestic color when the sun first breaches the top nearest the sky. I was taught to ski when I was a very small child and nothing is better than getting on a double black diamond in the brisk Colorado air!

Favorite Movie

This question is the most difficult because I love movies so much. My first favorite movie is Can't Buy Me Love. After I had children my favorite movie became Lion King & every other Disney movie available.