New Look for your Online Portal Login

To promote a comprehensive yet intuitive online experience, your myDirection® login page will soon be re-designed as depicted in the images below. By aligning myDirection® with our primary website from stylistic and functional standpoints, we hope to create a more consistent client interaction with our industry-leading technology. 

The new login interface is designed to reduce clutter and offer a straight-forward pathway to your dashboard. Upon going live, rest assured that this update was initiated by New Direction Trust Company and that myDirection® has not been moved or otherwise altered in a significant way. These changes will only impact the login page and other pages related to the login process (password recovery, security questions, etc.). Once logged in, your myDirection® page will appear just as it always has. If your self-directed IRA collects rent or loan payments, please note that your tenants/borrowers can still submit payments via the main login screen.  

Your Login Page


Coming Soon!

At New Direction Trust Company, we strive to implement user-friendly technology that helps self-directed investors access their accounts and keep their focus where it belongs: On building a retirement portfolio that suits their needs and promotes financial success for the years ahead. We persistently strive to bring as much ease to your transaction and account management processes as possible. Your myDirection® portal plays a key role in this endeavor.

The update is scheduled to take effect soon, but please don't hesitate to give us a call at 877-742-1270 or send us e-mail at with any questions about myDirection® in the meantime.