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IRA Info

Self-Directed IRA Basics

IRAs (individual retirement arrangements) are tax-advantaged savings vehicles that allow individuals to invest money for near and long-term use.

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Account Types

Every account bears unique tax benefits. Understanding your spectrum of options can help determine which will suit your needs and strategy.

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IRA Contribution

A contribution is a deposit of funds into an IRA. Each plan has an annual limit, deadline, and other such parameters surrounding contributions.

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IRA Distribution

Distributions are withdrawals of cash or assets from an IRA. Every account type features specific distribution rules.

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Transfers & Rollovers

Plan holders can move or consolidate holdings via transfer (similar accounts, like IRA-to-IRA) or rollover (dissimilar accounts, like 401(k)-to-IRA).

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Roth Conversion

You may open a Roth IRA and convert your Traditional IRA holdings without any limitations on dollar amount (as of 2018).

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