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An icon of a houseYour IRA can purchase houses, condominiums, or any other single or multi-family residential property.

Residential Real Estate

An icon of commercial propertyAcquire office, warehouse, retail, or other such commercial real estate with your IRA and lease it to other businesses.

Commercial Real Estate

An icon of farm landLease fertile land to farmers or ranchers.


An icon of raw landThe IRS does not require cash flow from IRA-owned real estate, so you can lease, hold, sell, or develop raw land as you see fit.

Raw Land

An icon of an oil barrelProfit from lucrative natural resources.

Mineral Rights

Ownership & Returns

Title Ownership (with or without debt)

A self-directed retirement plan can purchase real estate outright with cash from the account. An account may also secure a loan to increase its buying power. Earnings would generated by rent and/or proceeds from sale.

Partial Ownership on Title

An account may partner as tenants-in-common with other investors: person, company, another IRA, HSA, etc. Earnings from rent and/or proceeds from sale are fractional, corresponding to the account’s ownership percentage.

Equity Owned

Your IRA can own a private equity percentage in an entity (LLC, land trust, LP, etc.) that invests in real estate. Account earnings would be dividends from that entity.

Step-By-Step Guide to Acquire Real Estate in an IRA

Step 1 Open Your Account - Complete our online application. Your new account will be fully opened within two business days.
Step 2 Fund Your Account - Make a contribution, transfer money from a similar account (Traditional IRA to Traditional IRA), or initiate a rollover from a dissimilar account with the same tax status (401(k) to Traditional IRA).
Step 3 Make Your Investment - Choose the real estate approach that suits your expertise, find real estate, and close the deal on behalf of your self-directed IRA!

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