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NDTCO Coronavirus Information

April 7, 2020

Week four begins with us noticing an upswing on the number of calls related to precious metals sales and distributions. If you own precious metals, please review the separate precious metals posting. Due to the recent volume depositories and precious metals dealers are behind on fulfilling requests for sales and shipments. Although this part of the process is out of our control, we continue to follow up frequently on submitted requests.

Nearly all staff at NDTCO are working remotely, with only 10 to 15 remaining in the office, and mostly on a staggered schedule. As we adapt to the new remote work tools and, in particular, the Microsoft Teams application, we anticipate the turnaround time on questions, funding of investments and other questions will continue to improve. If you experience difficulties while we continue to climb the organizational learning curve please let us know.

NDTCO is committed to maintaining a high level of service to our account holders. We are also doing what we can to support our local businesses, this past two weeks we have been reimbursing our employees $30 for ordering takeout.

We are actively seeking ways to both help other businesses and maintain employee morale. Starting next week we will hold a weekly Q&A webinar to assist clients, partners and new prospects. All suggestions are welcome.

Our staff is working very hard to help maintain your accounts and is adjusting to the new work-from-home arrangement with little or no issues. We as founders are very proud of those staff members responsible for putting this newer technology in place in a very short time, allowing us to work remotely.

From last week, here are a few other things to keep in mind:

We strongly encourage you to use New Direction Trust Company’s client portal (mydirection.com) and send service requests via email (info@ndtco.com). Further, our phone system has been modified to allow direct contact with staff in their remote locations. However, and despite our continuous improvement effort, you may experience some audio connection issues. We apologize if this happens to you and kindly ask that you please hang up and call us back or try 469-694-5222.

UNDIRECTED CASH SECURITY, FDIC INSURED. Per our custodial agreement with customers, NDTCO deposits and holds all undirected cash in FDIC insured accounts. As is often the case in times of uncertainty, there may be unscrupulous actors who attempt to take advantage of individuals by spreading false or misleading information. As always, NDTCO encourages all of its customers to continue to perform their own due diligence and remain vigilant with any and all potential investments. For those seeking additional information and guidance from the FDIC regarding the safety and security of their undirected cash please review the following link: https://www.fdic.gov/coronavirus/faq-customer.pdf

Stay well – and wash your hands often.

Bill and Catherine, Co-Founders, New Direction Trust Company