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IRA Contributions

Mail a Check with a Deposit Coupon

Step 1 - Click here to download our Deposit Coupon.

Step 2 - On the Deposit Coupon, complete Section 1. NDTCO Account Information. This helps us direct your deposit to the proper account.

Step 3 - Complete Section 2. Deposit Details. Provide the "Total Deposit Amount", check the circle for "Contribution", indicate the tax year for which the contribution is to be credited, and specify the personal, employee, and/or employer contribution you intend to make. You may notice Sections 1. and 2. repeat on the form; you need not complete all of them unless you intend to make multiple deposits at once.

Step 4 - Prepare your contribution check. Please make the check payable to your account as follows:

NDTCO as Custodian FBO [Your Name] [Your Account Type] [Your Account Number]

For example, John Doe with Traditional IRA #1234567 would make his contribution check payable to, "NDTCO as Custodian John Doe Traditional IRA #1234567".

Step 5 - Print the Deposit Coupon and mail it, along with your contribution check, to our office:

New Direction Trust Company
1070 W. Century Drive
Louisville, CO 80027

Contributions submitted via check will be available five business days following deposit. Visit our contribution pages, give us a call at 877-742-1270, or send us an e-mail at info@ndtco.com if you have questions or concerns.