Kevin Dodson

Chief of Staff

As Chief of Staff, Kevin is responsible for defining and aligning all Marketing, Client Service, Operations, and Technology activities with the overall strategic goals of NDTCO. He is part advisor, part gatekeeper, part daily problem-solver, part all-round strategic advisor, and part implementer as he ensures alignment of the company’s internal and external activities based on the priorities set by the company founders and Board of Directors.

Kevin’s love for technology and financial services began early in his career. Prior to NDTCO, Kevin was a UX consultant, dedicated to helping others ideate, create, and launch digital experiences for a variety of brands, including Bose, Coca-Cola, Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), Disney, and Salesforce. For nearly, a decade he drove the technology innovations for all of the digital experiences at Scottrade as the SVP, Product Management & Development.

Kevin has always been motivated and inspired by creativity, and he feels there is nothing more rewarding than seeing an idea come to life and positively impact the end-user. The sense of accomplishment that comes with solving a problem or adding value through a digital experience is something he wants to share on a daily basis with both his team and NDTCO clients.

A piece of advice Kevin has never forgotten and observes in other successful service-based companies is that “in the service industry, your culture is your product.” He believes that when a company has a great culture, you will see that company succeed financially. His personal goal for NDTCO is to nurture a compassionate, empowered, fun culture that will continue to support the absolute best-in-class experience for its clients.

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CEO & Co-Founder

Catherine Wynne

President & Co-Founder

Aaron Benway

Chief Revenue Officer

Jessica Brooks

VP, NDTCO Institutional

Nikki Sisneros

VP, Trust Accounting