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NDTCO Institutional VP Jessica Brooks

Jessica Brooks

VP, NDTCO Institutional

Jessica began her career with NDTCO in 2009 after graduating from Regis University with a BS in Finance. Since then, she has held over six different positions with NDTCO, each with a focus to improve our long-term operational efficiency and optimize our client experience. As VP, NDTCO Institutional, Jessica builds out our operations to support our institutional services clients.

Jessica is a proud Colorado native and currently lives in Denver with her husband, daughter, and spunky dog, Harley. Her family loves spending as much time outdoors as possible, whether it be snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, or simply hanging out at the park. Jessica is also passionate about traveling, and her husband’s British roots often draw them back to England where they try to piggyback visits to other European countries with each trip.

Jessica’s personal motto is to never stop growing, a mindset she strives to apply to both her personal and professional lives. She believes that learning keeps us young, interesting, marketable, and, if nothing else, it saves us from boredom!


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