Catherine Wynne

President & Co-Founder

Catherine is our co-founder and President, responsible for regulatory compliance for the trust company, long-term strategic planning, and staff structuring.

Prior to co-founding NDTCO, Catherine started her career in oil and gas production, later moving into nuclear power plant design with Westinghouse. While living in San Francisco, Catherine discovered a passion for real estate—finding investment opportunities, evaluating prospective cash flow, and later purchasing and renovating rental properties. Catherine enjoyed investing in real estate as something she understood and could control and grew increasingly motivated to find a way for her real estate portfolio to support her in retirement. It wasn’t until she relocated to Boulder, Colorado and met Bill Humphrey, an experienced CPA and her future co-founder of NDTCO, that her desire to invest her tax-advantaged retirement funds into real estate became a reality.

NDTCO clients have benefited greatly from Catherine’s extensive personal experience as a real estate investor and syndicator, and she is recognized nationally as an expert in the IRS rules for IRA investment. Catherine is an author of industry articles and courses on the subject of alternative IRA investing, and her teaching credentials include the University of Denver Law School’s Graduate Tax Program,, Lorman Education, and multiple continuing education certified courses for real estate brokers, attorneys, and CPAs.

Since starting NDTCO, Catherine’s motto continues to be “invest in what you know,” and she firmly believes that investors do best when investing in what they are most passionate about.

In her spare time, Catherine enjoys all things music, whether listening, playing her guitar, or attending the occasional opera, and loves to travel (especially to Italy). She considers her father to be the most inspirational figure in her life for instilling the idea in her at an early age that women could be anything they wanted to be, including an engineer.


Bill Humphrey

CEO & Co-Founder

Kevin Dodson

Chief of Staff

Aaron Benway

Chief Revenue Officer

Jessica Brooks

VP, NDTCO Institutional

Nikki Sisneros

VP, Trust Accounting