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NDTCO Co-Founder Bill Humphrey

Bill Humphrey

Chief Financial Officer and Co-Founder

An experienced Certified Public Accountant, Bill has focused on income tax, auditing, tax-related real estate issues, and forensic accounting for more than 20 years, which he draws upon in his daily work with running a trust company. Recognized in the industry as an expert in self-directed IRAs, HSAs, and other tax-advantaged accounts, Bill teaches courses on retirement plan investment rules to investors, CPAs, and financial professionals through a variety of venues, including the University of Denver School of Law.

A born problem-solver, Bill’s journey in the self-directed industry began when his then-running partner (and future NDTCO co-founder) Catherine posed a question that stumped him: Why can’t my IRA invest in real estate? The idea that the IRS would limit tax-deferred investments to publicly traded stocks and bonds didn’t make sense. Bill ultimately found that an IRA custodian could facilitate the transaction, which was a rare offering at the time, so he decided to create his own. Today, Bill’s passion for education and steadfast desire to empower his clients to invest in what they want remain cornerstones of NDTCO—as is his mission to make self-direction more intuitive, modern, and digitally powered.

Whether inside or outside of work, Bill loves discovering new things—or at least, things that are new to him. Bill believes that once we open the door to new experiences, without preconceived notions, the possibilities of that world became unlimited.


Catherine Wynne

Board Chair and Co-Founder

Kevin Dodson

Chief Executive Officer

Aaron Benway

Chief Operating Officer